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We developed a social enterprise that offers a personalised prevention and wellbeing

service providing older people who, without time-limited or ongoing support, would be placed at a

heightened risk of progressing to higher levels of need in the medium term, significantly increasing

costs to the NHS for these individuals. It enables people to both receive and give support, creating

ways for people to help one another to take advantage of the opportunities of an ageing society and

enable all of us to age better. People regain a sense of purpose by using their skills and abilities to

help each other as well as getting the support they need. It increases health and well-being, energises

and motivates and works against models of learnt dependency. It releases community capacity and

engages people who may shy away from traditional methods of support. Once people become visible

in their community, it reduces their isolation and gives them a voice and influence that is essential

when community services are being developed.


Progress to-date

From a standing start in June 2014 the project has seen phenomenal growth in the range of services that it has facilitated.


  • All of the time, banking projects are now completely self-sufficient and financially sustainable

  • The projects offer older people volunteering opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable

  • The PSMDB investment initially covered the cost of providing a cook. The projects now fund two posts from earned income and grant support

  • Links to the diocese through church groups have led to the formation of strong, mutually supportive networks

  • The projects have been able to attract grant funding to support their growth


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